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Whether your horse wears four shoes or just fronts, I custom fit and hot shoe every horse!

Corrective Shoeing

Usually in tandem with a veterinarian. Working to get your horse sound again!


Keeping your barefoot horse going comfortably!

Our work


A peek into my everyday life



I'm a born and raised Colorado kid with a wife who's out of my league and 3 wild kids! My passions are hunting, fly fishing, and crossfit when I'm not spending time with my family. After college in Denver, I headed down to Oklahoma to attend Oklahoma State 

Horseshoeing School. When I got back home to Colorado, I was blessed with the opportunity to apprentice under a couple of highly regarded farriers in Fort Collins. During my 2 years apprenticing with them, they taught me a ton about how a horse ought to be trimmed and shod. We worked on a large number of hunter/jumper horses as well as many other disciplines both western and english. I was also fortunate to get to work on a lot of corrective shoeing cases dealing with a wide variety of lamenesses and collaborating with veterinarians to work towards the best solution for each horse. For the last 5 years I've had my own business around Greeley shoeing horses of all disciplines. I get to work on everything from expensive show horses to backyard pets that people got for free. They each get my best work! I'm fortunate to get to do a lot of corrective work as well, and I love seeing improvement in horses soundness and comfort through good vet/farrier teamwork! Give me a call or shoot me a text at 970-260-9329 to discuss your horses needs. 


Why Hot Shoeing?

There are many benefits to hot shoeing a horse. For starters, when shaping a shoe it's a lot easier to put the shape of the foot into hot steel rather than cold steel. Additionally, when burning the shoe on, it creates a seamless surface between the shoe and the hoof. Another reason is that it seals the horn tubules in the foot, and keeps them from drying out in a dry climate or taking on moisture and softening in a wet environment. The intense heat also helps to kill any fungus and bacteria that may cause problems in the hoof. Lastly, the hoof burns "a picture" onto the back of the shoe that helps me get the perfect fit by knowing exactly where the foot is fitting within the shoe.

Barefoot vs. Shod

How do I know if my horse should be barefoot or shod?

In most cases the answer to this question has to do with the type of work your horse is doing, as well as your horses hoof growth/wear and comfort level. If the rate of hoof wear exceeds the rate of hoof growth, then your horse will need shoes. Shoes also help protect against stone bruising on flat footed horses, and can help correct and heal certain lameness and injuries. However, I also work on lots of horses that do great being barefoot year round.  


I keep all of my clients on a 6-8 week schedule. As a result it can be difficult to reschedule on short notice, and new clients will usually have to wait 2-4 weeks to get scheduled depending on the time of year. So plan accordingly! Give me a call or shoot me a text and I'd love to discuss your horses needs and begin working with you. 970-260-9329

How Far Do I Travel?

I'm based out of Greeley and spend most of my time within a 25 mile radius of home. I go to Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley and all the little towns in between.

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